LETTER: MP ignored the warnings

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Nick Herbert, MP for South Downs, has pledged to abolish the Planning Inspectorate (WSCT 26.06.14).

Leaving aside the ridiculous notion that as a back bench MP at the fag end of a Parliament he could achieve such a thing, this is an outrageous example of hypocritical grandstanding.

The Planning Inspectorate’s role is to ensure that local authorities determine planning applications in accordance with the law and Government guidelines.

Mr Herbert was a member of the Government when it issued its National Planning Policy Framework which underpins the decisions to which he now objects. It was warned what the consequences would be but Ministers, Mr Herbert included, ignored those warnings.

Instead of kicking the Planning Inspectorate he should be kicking himself and perhaps apologising to his constituents.

John Steele

Old Denne Gardens, Horsham