LETTER: Moving aircraft for development?

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I read with great interest that councillor Claire Vickers has written in support of the residents of Warnham and surrounding urban areas who are complaining about noise pollution caused by the new aircraft departure routes from Gatwick.

I have to ask myself why? Is it because Cllr Vickers agrees with them? She is a Southwater councillor and presumably those she represents are not affected by the increased aircraft noise. Or could there be another reason?

This other reason just might be the proposed North Horsham development which is some three miles nearer to Gatwick and consequently aircraft disturbance will be worse.

So I assume that she would support the future school children and residents of that development in their complaints about the noise. It seems to me that the real reason for her intervention is simple - move the aircraft now so that the development can go ahead.

I believe in a strong Gatwick airport, in fact I earned my living there for quite a few years. I am not sure that a second runway is necessary, but if it is built to the south of the existing one, noise around the proposed development can only increase.

So let’s hear from Cllr Vickers about the real reasons for her sudden support of Warnham residents.


Havengate, Horsham