Letter: More railway stations between Horsham and Crawley needed

More stations needed between Horsham and Crawley
More stations needed between Horsham and Crawley

Both Horsham North and Kilnwood Vale railway stations are needed, with the second one being built immediately after the first.

It should be feasible to incorporate the extra ‘dwell time’ at two extra stations on the existing stopping service terminating at Horsham, without disrupting the timetable of the limited stop through service to Southampton and Bognor via the same line.

The two new stations should have the same service frequency as Ifield and Littlehaven. The number of carriages may have to be increased from four to six.

Let’s have some ‘can do’ mentality from Railtrack, instead of stoking division between the two towns.

The old Roffey Road Halt station, near the A264, was closed in 1937 because, according to Wikipedia, ‘the anticipated housing growth did not occur’.

Horsham North housing development is only 80 years late, almost as bad as Southern Railway currently.


Dene Tye, Pound Hill, Crawley