LETTER: More houses, but less are affordable

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Your letters

I was somewhat bemused to read the article by Ray Dawe in last week’s County Times (June 12)’We need more ‘affordable’ housing for younger people’.

Whilst I commend Mr Dawe on his aims to increase the amount of social housing, unfortunately HDC’s record is not that good.

Did we not have a promise from the Council that 40 per cent of houses were to be affordable when the plans for the latest Broadbridge Heath metropolis were being sold to the public?

Did they not renege on that promise because the poor housing developers gave some sob story about being unable to fund that amount as times were getting hard?

Aren’t those same developers now making even more money than they ever dreamt of from the BBH development because house prices are now so high?

Won’t the same thing happen in North Horsham and everywhere else? There is bound to be a downturn in the economy at some time in the next few years when the plans are being drawn up.

The developers will use the same sob story and we will be in the same situation. More houses, but even less of a proportion of affordable homes. I’m afraid the problem has been exacerbated by your council, Mr Dawe and you should stop trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

Alan Pettitt

Broomfield Drive, Billingshurst