LETTER: Monstrous plan for metropolis

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Your letters

I write regarding the letter from Jeanne Flores in the edition of June 19th .

I sense her motives are genuine and good-natured about any possible development, but the situation should be examined more rationally .

The debate about losing worthwhile countryside has been had many times, particularly in these pages. I feel very strongly in favour of preserving this countryside but this is not my point here .

If 2,500 homes were to be built and a business park, imagine all the extra traffic being generated and most of this would be heading to Horsham for shopping and other purposes.

I can visualise Horsham roads being filled bumper to bumper with cars for much of the day (creating a great deal of pollution as they do so) and pavements heaving with shoppers at weekends and pretty much during the week as well .

I rather think that the ‘beautiful part of Sussex’ that Mrs Flores refers to would be lost in the onslaught of vehicles and people.

Horsham should not have to take this intrusion, many more cars and vans added to the ones already clogging up the town.

I speak as one who was born and brought up in Horsham, but moved away in 1981, thinking even then that development had gone too far, with much of the fields north of Roffey already devoured .

Some sensible decisions will need to be made about this monstrous plan or Horsham will become a huge disproportionate metropolis.


Beech Grove, Storrington