LETTER: Money before people as always

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Your letters

I write with reference to the new prospective set up of the Broadbridge Heath site and as a member of the Horsham Indoor Bowls Club, which has a membership of 400-plus and also an up and coming junior section.

It is sad to see no real mention to a bowls section to be added in this to the site. All the promises by HDC over the past two years have been swept under the carpet.

As a club we have spent £45,000 on a new carpet and lighting and it will be very interesting to see what compensation if any comes about as HDC does know what we have been doing over the last two years-plus.

With regard to what is planned for the site, I cannot see why two dance floors, and with regard to an ice rink it has been said Crawley have put in plans for one in the area, we would not want two so close together.

HIBC is the centre of Sussex and we bring members from Henfield, Ashington, Billingshurst in the south, Cranleigh in the north, Pulborough to the west of the county.

As regards to more trading in the area, with Tesco being like a department store stocking everything and free parking, this is making trading very hard for shops in Horsham, with high rents and rates and the parking at a high price which keeps going up.

The Prime Minister may have got it wrong with the excessive unnecessary building going on in the county but he has got it right when he says more people should take up sport.

Indoor bowls can be played by all ages, all year for one membership fee, not like outdoor, and it will keep you fit.

As HIBC has a lease till June 2015 it will very interesting to see what take up with all these big ideas comes about.

A sad day for 400-plus people on having to think about all this.

Money before people as always and I would say HIBC pays HDC £50,000 a year rent and is maintaining the building.


Broomfield Road, Henfield