LETTER: Mistrust over this hideous proposal

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Your letters

With regard to the huge development on the north side of the A264 Horsham Northern bypass, supposedly only a proposal, nothing decided yet if we can believe the information we are being fed by Horsham District Council and WSCC.

Several things have made me very suspicious about this being actual fact.

Firstly, when the new water main was being installed along Rusper Road close to the proposed site recently someone, who knows about these things, remarked that the pipe was at least six inches in diameter, far too large for the existing houses.

Also, a few years ago a train driver friend was surprised to see, on the new railway network map installed in their rest-room, that the Waterloo to Horsham line was omitted from it.

The long hoped for hospital at Pease Pottage was abandoned by our MP.

Then the new road from the Great Daux roundabout to Capel (the five mile non dual carriageway, dangerous bottle-neck) was taken off the statute book although it was recorded as not fit for purpose. This was a shame because it would have been up and running by now and might have saved several people from being killed in the last 18 months.

If you bring all these factors together it seems to add up that it has all been agreed between the councils and the developers.

I phoned the strategic planning department a week ago and was told (I had heard a rumour that work would start within six months) that that area was only being considered as a possibility to built 2,500 houses and nothing will even be looked at until the end of 2014 when the public consultation process will begin and ultimately it is the council’s decision.

When I first heard about this development it was going to be for 4,500 houses. Anyone who looks at the planning applications issued by HDC and printed by this newspaper will notice that developers are granted their permissions and then amend them to alter and enlarge what they initially applied for, it happens very frequently.

I suppose the council is so overwhelmed by all the developments around Horsham that it just has to ‘cave in’ and let it happen.

When the A264 Northern Bypass (whose boundary was never going to be breached) and the Great Daux roundabout were built 20 odd years ago the work was beset by flooding problems concerning the bridge over the railway and road.

It was heartbreaking at the time to see mature oak trees being ‘yanked’ out of the earth by machinery.

This proposal is a hideous business which causes mistrust between us the council tax payers and members of our local and county council who should be doing the right thing for us by upholding a promise made.

It will affect me and my family because we live on an already overcrowded, dangerous road, so we are taking this matter very, very seriously. We will do anything legally within our power to abort this tragedy.


Dorking Road, Warnham