LETTER: Missed chances to repair our roads

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We have now just been presented with the results of the second major set of road works at the east end of Roffey at the junction of Crawley Road and Forest Road after several weeks of delays due to the imposition of four-way traffic lights whilst the latest set of works was undertaken.

I had hoped that the opportunity would have been taken to address the appalling state of the roads at the junction by removal of the cracks, potholes, mounds of tarmacadam caused by heavy vehicles between the Chrysler sales and service outlet and the traffic lights (not Chrysler’s fault), areas where the top dressing has been stripped out leaving the sub-course exposed and the ditches left by last year’s gas renewal project.

But no, the opportunity was missed and all the problems noted above are still there.

So must we suffer a further period of delays and diversion when the roads departments decide to attend to them or shall they just follow their previous policy of ignoring them and leaving the roads to deteriorate further?

Of course, further opportunities may present themselves when our other non-joined-up utility companies such as water, electricity and telephones need to dig up the roads again but don’t hold your breath!

As an example of the poor planning and execution of some road repairs in Horsham, the holes in the road at the roundabout with Redkiln Way and Comptons Lane from Roffey’s traffic lights appeared to have been filled in during this area’s recent attempt at resurfacing but I am sad to report that the holes appear not to have been filled in prior to resurfacing and are now re-appearing again.

Is there no quality control or inspections going on during these works?


Springfield Crescent, Horsham