LETTER: Misleading image of aircraft route

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Your letters

On page 29 of your edition of 25th July there was a full page advert from GACC.

This picture appears to be a montage - in other words a falsification. It shows a plane in the last minute before touch down, flying over a country house.

There are certainly no houses like this a few hundred metres on the immediate approach to Gatwick Airport, and I doubt that there are such anywhere in the world.

As a person involved directly in aircraft technology, I would find the image laughable, except for the fact that the group concerned are attempting to destroy the economic viability of West Sussex.

Business in Crawley has been bleeding for a couple of decades. Horsham has now lost many jobs at RSA and Novartis will soon be shutting down almost entirely. Growth of Gatwick can only lead to more local jobs.

Apart from a few rich people’s homes, there is unlikely to be any blighting of property prices.

Indeed the opposite is probably true: the growth of Gatwick might well regenerate local jobs, leading to a stabilisation of house prices, together with the possibility of an interest in social housing for those earning the average wage or less, those who are employed at the airport and associated industries.

GACC have been inseminating misinformation for many years in favour of an absolute minority within Horsham District. At last West Sussex County Council is finding a sensible route towards using the expansion of Gatwick Airport to benefit the local community.


Chestnut Road, Billingshurst