LETTER: Messages from the doorsteps

Your letters
Your letters

Today we go to the polls in order to cast our vote - both nationally and locally. The outcome of the elections will decide our political fate for another five years. But have you actually met a candidate from any of the parties on your doorstep?

Canvassing for votes in my immediate area of Horsham is no easy task. So many of the front doors sport an official notice - endorsed by both the Sussex Police and Horsham District Council along the lines, ‘No Cold Callers - Unless you have an Appointment - Don’t Knock or Ring - Just Go Away’.

Note the absence of any ‘Please’ or ‘Thank-you’. It’s an aggressive, no-nonsense message - amounting to rudeness - so suited to our modern society and demonstrating to me an insular meanness of spirit.

So when I hear top politicians of all political parties questioning the latest polling data by saying, ‘That’s not what I hear on the doorstep - according to our canvassing returns etc, etc’ - I know that they cannot have visited my neck of the woods.

Add to this the stiff brushes behind most letter boxes - and delivering election material becomes something of a nightmare - with the added bonus of red raw knuckles. I do feel sorry for the average postman or woman. To my mind, they deserve a medal!

Gone are the days when political candidates toured our streets with loudspeaker cars boldly sporting their names and political party and willing to argue the toss on your door-step.

Today, any appearance is a contrived photo-opportunity - usually involving very young children at play school - surrounded with smiling mums.

So, please - if you want our vote, spare us the all too transparent spin!


Bourns Court, Ayshe Court Drive, Horsham