LETTER: Mental health experiences

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Your letters

Can I ask your readers for their help in enabling us to record their experiences of dealing with mental health issues?

How we as a society understand mental and emotional health has been transformed over the last 40 years and no more so than in the hospitals. The changes have been rapid and we would like your readers’ help in understanding and recording this history.

These accounts will form part of an exhibition at Horsham Museum in October 2013 that will share moving stories of ill health and recovery, and record changes in care. Contributors can remain anonymous if they choose. Project volunteers and participants with mental health histories are taking a lead in this project and its research.

So if any of your readers attended hospital at St Francis (Haywards Health), Roffey Park, Hellingly (East Sussex), Brighton General, or Graylingwell (West Sussex) and would be willing to talk about it, please contact Jon Potter, the Director of the Charity Company Paradiso. jon@companyparadiso.co.uk or tel. 07866 981421 Jon Potter, Director

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