LETTER: Memories of early Tanbridge House

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Your letters

“The changing face of school across ages” - with particular regard to Tanbridge House.

This states that the house was converted to a school in 1951.

In fact, it was a school long before this. I, personally entered the school in 1936 and remained during the war years, even doing ‘Fire precaution duty’ on the roof with a hose and water buckets to combat incendiary bombs – which we found rather an adventure.

My friend and I (Jean Fisher – the Gale) both enjoyed reminiscing about those days and recalling the various teachers. One of whom, incidentally only died a year or so again – Miss Leslie from Three Acres, Horsham. A very well known and liked citizen, who always wore her hair coiled around her head.

Both my friend and I are now both in our eighties, but our memories are pretty sharp.

Actually, I still have the school certificate examination papers that I took – no calculators, no reference books, and you needed eight subjects, including a language, to matriculate – at one week’s sitting. No odd subject ‘re-sits’ and all dates and quotes from memory.

No wonder we can still quote Shakespeare’s ‘Seven Ages of Man’ and many poems and formulae!


Littleworth Lane, Partridge Green