Letter: Memorial to our local poet - Shelley

The former tribute, Shelley Fountain in Horsham
The former tribute, Shelley Fountain in Horsham

Robert Worley (letters August 17) invites suggestions as to what form a memorial to our local poet, Percy Bysshe Shelley, should take.

Another poet (Horace, 65-8 BC) described his own poetry as ‘a monument more lasting than brass...’.

This suggests we should focus on and celebrate Shelley’s works themselves.

In Oslo’s main street (Karl Johans Gata) a series of quotes from the writings of Henrik Ibsen has been engraved on the pavements, to honour Norway’s famous dramatist.

I would suggest that Shelley may be similarly commemorated by a trail of excerpts from his poetry on the pavements (or perhaps walls) of the the streets of central Horsham.

W.J. Marshall

Bedford Road, Horsham