LETTER: Maximise use of existing airports

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Your letters

I object to there being a second runway at Gatwick on the following grounds:

1. I use Luton, Gatwick, Stansted and Heathrow on an equal basis and there is lots of unused capacity at Luton and Stansted that should be used first before we put yet more of our small island under concrete. If we are serious about creating a sustainable economy we need to use better what we have rather than just build over more countryside.

2. There is always criticism that the investment goes into London and south of London for infrastructural projects. Here is a chance to direct more investment in transport to Luton and Stansted to make it easier for people to access and use up the spare capacity that exists there. That could be as simple as running more or faster trains for example rather than building more roads.

3. If we allow a second runway at Gatwick it will inevitably lead to more homes being built which will mean more roads,shops etc and just create more crowding in the South-East. The solution of a second runway is not good for the environment, it’s just a way to boost Gatwick’s offshore shareholders’ profits.

Please can someone show some common sense and make sure we maximise the use of the existing airports this country has first.


The Haven, Billingshurst