Letter: Maude’s failure to deliver hospital

There is one issue that Horsham MP Francis Maude has championed over the years; that is, of course, the call from his constituents for a world class, acute hospital.

This campaign has allowed him to harangue the last Labour Government, accusing them of depriving our district of this facility, to savagely criticise neighbouring MP Laura Moffat throughout her parliamentary career, and, possibly worst of all, rubbish the hardworking NHS staff and facilities provided by other hospitals that serve

our community.

Maude’s political opportunism led him to pursue this issue to a point where a strong commitment to deliver this hospital was given by him.

This was, moreover, his flagship commitment to his constituents.

His failure to deliver should, therefore, be seen as a serious breach of the trust that voters keen to see a hospital, put in him.

Should he not, as a senior Government figure, consider such serious failure to be significant enough to make him consider his position?

Wouldn’t the honourable thing for Francis Maude to do now be to resign?


Horsham Labour Party, Clarence Road, Horsham