LETTER: Many have not noticed change

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Your letters

Many of the Warnham residents that I have spoken to regarding the noise of the new Gatwick flight path over Warnham have not even noticed the change!

Warnham folk have long been accustomed to Gatwick’s air traffic - since the mid-fifties - and lots of the residents have been employed there and are now enjoying their pensions in retirement. In the 1960s we had the VC10s and the 1-11s, they were the noisy ones! And boy, did they smell!

Today the planes are so much quieter and certainly no smell .

I wonder do the residents that are complaining care whose house they fly over when they fly off from Gatwick when they go on holiday or on a business trip? I very much doubt it !

We are six miles from Gatwick (as the crow flies!) where are the planes supposed to go ?

Today while in my garden I heard the rooks in the rookery, a pheasant, a buzzard, a dog, a motorbike on the A24 and a jet airliner - all at the same time!



Bell Road, Warmham