LETTER: Make noise over aircraft whine

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Despite what the American owned Gatwick Airport say, the flight path of arriving aircraft has changed radically this year.

From 2005 to 2013 our home just south of the A272 between Cowfold and Bolney has been a peacful, quiet rural sanctuary.

There has always been aircraft activity and noise but mostly just a distant rumble with only a few planes directly overflying in a day.

Since April 2014 we can be directly overflown every two minutes at times by arriving planes between 4,000 and 10,000 feet.

Again contrary to assumptions by some, an Easy Jet A320 can be heard over the television in a double glazed house even when it is at 10,000ft.

The major factor contributing to this is a design fault with the A320 series which Easy Jet are choosing not to rectify.

New A320 series do not have the fault which causes the planes to make a high pitched whine in addition to the normal engine noise.

There is a simple fix for this which Lufthansa have applied to their entire fleet. Easy Jet are refusing to do this and are relying on the gradual replacement of aircraft to deal with it. This means that the unnecessary aircraft whine will continue until at least 2020.

Don’t confuse this issue with second runway, changing flight paths etc. This is a very simple technical fix which could significantly reduce noise nuisance. Not doing it is a cynical choice by Easy Jet to favour profit over nuisance to everyone who is overflown in Sussex.

If you don’t think that’s reasonable, complain to Easy Jet, write to your MP. Make some noise.


Moatfield Lane, Cowfold