LETTER: Maastricht Treaty

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I read with some astonishment that our Member of Parliament, Francis Maude, claims to be a Eurosceptic (WSCT September 5 – MP’s comment). This surely, must be one of the biggest about-faces in the history of the Horsham constituency, because this is the man who signed the Maastricht Treaty on behalf of the British Government on February 7, 1992 in his then role of Financial Secretary to the Treasury.

Many people will have forgotten that this treaty created the Euro, from which by some miracle, we managed to avoid involvement, yet nevertheless it has been downhill for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland since that time with much erosion of our independence.

It seems to me likely that Mr Maude now wears a Eurosceptic badge as he would a secondhand suit acquired from Oxfam because of the rising tide of support for UKIP. Such a suit would not fit well, would be shop soiled and would not be pleasing to the eye, just as his new-found belief does not look well in view of past history.

Why else has the Prime Minister offered the people of this country a referendum on our continuing membership of this intended federal union at a time when he will almost certainly be no longer in office?

On September 5 there were ten by-elections held throughout the country and in those UKIP secured 22 per cent of the votes cast.

Mr Maude must be looking at Nemesis coming, just as he did on April 9, 1992 when he was defeated in North Warwickshire in the General Election held on that day, a mere nine weeks after he signed that fateful treaty document. This time however, Nemesis will be coming from Storrington.


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