LETTER: Ludicrous fight against ruling

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In reply to Mr Circus’ letter to the County Times (Oct 17), I feel that he has in no way justified HDC’s decision to spend taxpayers’ money on a very expensive High Court legal action.

The government’s appeal committee approved the building of one very pretty ‘Well’s-type thatched house’ on a third of an acre belonging to a house on Spinney Lane.

To fight against this appeal decision seems ludicrous when so many other large building projects are happening in the area.

He speaks about West Chiltington’s category 2 status, but it is the will of this government that planning applications should be viewed favourably... particularly those, such as ours, which would enhance the local area.

Residents of West Chiltington have a right to decide what they may wish to do with their own land and I am sure that HDC has the capacity to decide each case on its merits.

This challenge by HDC to a government appeal decision is wasteful of our taxes and disruptive to the council’s more pressing business. Mr Circus seems to be quite willing to use taxpayers’ money in pursuit of his own arguments, but has castigated others who want to do exactly the same in relation to the building of 146 houses in the category 2 village of Thakeham.

I feel sure that Mr Circus, in his current position of responsibility for both Chanctonbury and Storrington, would do everything in his power to avoid an action that unnecessarily calls upon significant taxpayers’ funds to fight against one beautifully designed house, totally in keeping with the other houses in the locality of Spinney Lane.


Spinney Lane, West Chiltington