LETTER: Low cost homes in every village

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Your letters

We should build ten to 20 low cost houses in every village. This would give sons and daughters the opportunity of staying in the village they grew up in.

This would strengthen the community and give support to local businesses, shops, pubs, post office, garages, schools, etc. Once the local places close we all have to travel for our everyday items adding to pollution.

Pollution used to be a big issue a few years ago but now seems to be forgotten.

There would be less strain on the infrastructure which has to be good.

There are plenty of empty sites in towns which could and should be developed without encroaching on farmland which will become a big issue in the future.

Building on all this green land is also destroying a lot of wildlife and of course their habitat.

Will it happen? No! No money in it for developers, councils, government.


Church Street, Rudgwick