LETTER: Love and peace are the way to go

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The news makes for depressing listening at the moment: Gaza, Syria, Northern Iraq, Ebola, to name but a few, and as we listen or watch, (regardless of how far removed we are from the situation), it is our natural response to feel ‘something’.

Compassion/empathy/pity - call it what you like - but it is this instinctive response that reminds me that there is hope. Parts of humanity might seem like they are messed up - but we were made for something better. We were made to BE better.

This is the hope that we have to work towards for, day by day, in little ways and in big ways. At home, at work, in schools and colleges, in our local neighbourhoods - answering the call to be people for whom love and peace are the way we go.

This is the Kingdom Jesus came preaching and teaching about, and what we are called to live by.

So I believe there is hope, and I’m hanging on to that right now.


Curate at St Mary’s, Horsham