LETTER: Long grass is appalling

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Since coming back from holiday in June , my wife and I were appalled at the state of the grass outside our home.

This last two weeks it has grown even more and can harbour many things that short grass cannot. I was startled yesterday as I went round the front of my car; a cat jumped out beside me and scuttled off; I now felt it was time I said something. Here are my reasons:

1: I believe people are less likely to clean up after their dog in this long grass...

2: I saw a cat, but it could have been a fox; they are regularly seen here, as I did on Tuesday

3: the neighbours children like to play on the grass outside their houses; not now...

4: homes for sale; will people looking for a new home consider one for sale here? I would not.

‘Caz’ Caswell

Downsview road, Horsham