LETTER: Long grass helps bio-diversity

Your letters
Your letters

I was struck by the photograph in the County Times of June 20 showing a beautiful verge which included various species of grass and wild flowers in Downsview Road.

I was also saddened by the accompanying letter and would make the following response to the four points mentioned:

1. Long grass encourages biodiversity. Our wildlife is under increasing pressure - see ‘The State of Nature’ document published last week. What this report shows really is appalling, showing decline in 60 per cent of British species. Every area where our wild plants and insects are able to establish themselves is vital, however small. Dog owners should clean up in public areas regardless of grass length.

2. Long grass contributes significantly more oxygen to the atmosphere than short grass.

3. It would be wonderful if children were free to play in areas where their relationship with the natural world which is vital for ALL of us can be fostered rather than by a road.

4. I would certainly choose to live where long verges exist and not where they are mown within an inch of their life and harbour only sterile grass. We are still a rural area and have a duty to respect the creatures which we live alongside. Live and let live.

There are verges around Horsham which have been left to grow and some planted with wildflowers. These are more spectacular than any planted with bedding plants. I commend HDC and others for letting them grow and letting things live. We all need to support our wildlife, chill out and let the grass grow long, it is far more interesting and saves time too!

Linda Baker

Worthing Road, Southwater