LETTER: Local services already stretched

Your letters
Your letters

We strongly object to the proposal to build more houses and a large industrial estate on the greenfield site north of the A264.

There are already a large amount of houses being built in the area and if another 1,000 are required (not 2,500 as required by the American builder to maximise their profits) then why not build them on the brownfield sites in and around Horsham rather than build another ‘ghetto’.

I understand that there are already many unoccupied industrial sites in and around Horsham so why build more?

What about Crawley’s unoccupied industrial sites? If firms will not go there (nearer to Gatwick and central London) then why would they come to this proposed site?

Children in the catchment area will no doubt be deprived of the chance to attend Millais and Forest schools.

Why on earth is a new school not being built in Southwater if at present about 1,000 children are travelling into Horsham?.

Where is the economic sense? If this proposal goes ahead there will be a further impact on congestion in the area including the A264, A24 and roads in and out of Horsham.

Also there will be delays, inconvenience and financial implications on our other already stretched local services.


Forest Road, Horsham