Letter: Living in luxury

HE’S AT it again – trying desperately to defend the indefensible! I refer of course to the contribution from your provocative columnist, district councillor Philip Circus (County Times, February 9).

If he had been in Parliament in the 18th century, doubtless Mr Circus would have defended the slave trade on the basis that abolition would have harmed Britain’s trading status.

To honour a banker such as ‘Fred the Shred’ with a knighthood was an appalling misjudgement – and a monumental abuse of the honours system.

Not only did he bring his bank to its knees but in doing so made a major contribution to this country’s parlous financial state – which affects each and everyone of us.

To honour such an individual in any way is to make a mockery of civilised values.

But Philip Circus reserves his most ill-considered venom to what he refers to as ‘woolly-minded clerics’ at St Paul’s who stood by their Christian beliefs. The Biblical words camel, eye and needle come to mind!

Make no mistake, investment (or casino) banking is the unacceptable face of raw capitalism.

It fulfils no social purpose save making money – simply usury by another name. And when things go wrong, it is us the taxpayers who have to pick up the tab.

So no crocodile tears for Mr Goodwin and his chums. Be assured that they are doing very nicely living in luxury on more than generous pensions.


Ayshe Court Drive