LETTER: Listen to views of the voters

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Your letters

Horsham MP Francis Maude’s comments in the WSCT 8th January (Horsham edition) did not surprise me at all.

When he stated that councillors should be ‘applauded for being prepared to be accountable for choices that are not made lightly’, I take it that this means ‘a pat on the back for the Conservatives. Do you think these comments would be forth coming if the council was led by another political party? I think not.

All political parties are very good at slapping each other on the back and slagging off their opponents but what about the people?

Who would you vote for on May 7 nationally and locally?

I would vote for the party who assures me that they would honestly:

1) listen to the views of the people and act on them on their behalf.

2) vote by his/her conscience and not by how the party he/she represents is telling him to.

3) be totally democratic.

The best solution, of course, is to have no political parties. Locally we should have representatives from each community and from all walks of life representing the people and nationally there should be experts in each field to guide the country.

No elitists or big egos just people who wish to do well for their country and their communities. If for any reason they are not doing their job well then WE sack them.

Happy voting on May 7, that’s if you haven’t got fed up with all the political bitching that we will have to endure between now and then.


Avebury Close, Horsham