LETTER: Lions launching spring projects

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The week starting March 2 was the beginning of Horsham Lions Springtime Fundraising Projects.

It began by the delivery of 25 large 1kg chocolate eggs in baskets, which had all been delivered to the 25 local pubs and businesses who are supporting our Easter Egg Raffle, by March 6. All the Eggs and Raffle Boards will be prominently displayed at all of the establishments, so please be on the lookout for them on your travels between now and the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend.

On a bright sunny and warm morning on March 7 some 17 Horsham Lions, and Friends of Horsham Lions were out with their collecting buckets and ‘Thank You’ stickers around central Horsham chatting to both the local people as well as those who were just visiting the town.

As the result of the generosity of both local people and visitors the sum of £302 was raised.

Lion President Clare said: “The result of the generosity of the general public will mean that needy people, whether locally, in the UK or internationally will be helped. Thank you to our Horsham community for the support.”

On Sunday March 8 the Horsham Lions 4th Swimarathon took place at The Pavilions in The Park, in aid of The Horsham Springboard Project Appeal for replacing all the equipment in their soft play area at the Hurst Road Centre.

There were 21 teams with six persons to a team entered the event (report, pages 54 and 55).

Horsham Lions through their Street Collection, Easter Egg Raffle are raising funds, primarily for the local community, we have served for 52 years.

In order to continue this work, if not increase the fundraising and service activities we need additional community minded people.

If you would like to help and get enjoyment and a wider circle of like-minded friends as a result, please contact me on: tomosborne1947@gmail.com.


Chair of Horsham Lions Fundraising Committee, Middleton Road, Horsham