LETTER: Lifeline for retired people is being cut

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As president of the Sussex County Women’s Indoor Bowling Association, and a member of Horsham Indoor Bowls Club, I was shocked to learn that one of the best clubs in the county and one of only a few offering eight rinks in the area is to be demolished in June 2015, with nothing being built to replace it.

There are some 400 members of the club. Where else in Horsham is there a club with 400 members? Where are these people to go?

Government edicts are to encourage the older population to exercise but Horsham District Council is opposing this directive. Where are the Horsham Dragons (the Bowls Club Juniors) to continue? Where are the blind and disabled Wednesday group to go?

They have matches on alternate Wednesdays, and practise sessions on the other Wednesdays.

A lifeline for retired people is being cut – I hope the short-sightedness of Horsham council has something else in mind to offer the 65-plus group – it certainly can’t be ice skating!

Wake up Horsham council and do the right thing.


Horsham District Indoor Bowls Club Ltd, Wickhurst Lane, Broadbridge Heath