Letter: Letter of thanks and praise

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Our lovely Mum, Alice (Lal) Hall, was always writing to the County Times - and you more often than not published her letters to you!

She usually wrote in praise of someone or something, hardly ever with a criticism - other than when it was proposed to knock down the old Baptist Church!

Sadly, Mum recently passed away and so, on her behalf, we thought we should write in with ‘one more letter’.

On Lal’s behalf we would like to thank Dr Patel, the St Catherine’s Hospice team, and the wonderful staff in the Horizon Ward at Horsham Hospital for their amazing care of our dear Mum.

Also many thanks to the Rev Dr Tim Carter for his heartfelt rendering of the Eulogy and the team at The Dragon in Colgate for their amazing food and hospitality for Mum’s wake.

There it is, one last letter of thanks and praise, from - Lal Hall, RIP.

(Letter sent by Lal’s children)

A. Ormsby (Mrs)

F. Hall

S. Hall

Forestfield, Horsham