LETTER: Let’s worry about our own house

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Having read the article by Francis Maude (County Times, September 5 2013) about the contents of his mail bag representing the public fear of yet another intervention into yet another failed Arab spring, and him being not really with us on that issue, I worry about his attitude towards our position on the world stage.

His arrogance about not being a “little Englander” is astounding, does he really think our influence extends all the way to China or Russia.

He worries about Britain’s isolation because of the House of Commons decision, I would suggest that the opposite is true, we would be more in isolation if we dropped bombs on Syria without a UN resolution, or if we held hands with the Americans and watched them do it.

The Victorian empire is long gone, America can be judge and jury of the world’s fights if it wants to, but for once lets just keep out of it. Tony Blair took away people’s appetite for war.

The only reason we have any respect in the world is because of the power of the city and its banks.

Let’s just stay a “Little England”, let’s just worry about our own house Mr Maude, the world can do without us on this one.

I bet the egos of the men at the top probably won’t let that happen though.

Graham Snooks

Holly Close, Horsham