LETTER: Let’s embrace the unfolding year

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Your letters

January is apparently regarded by a majority of people as the most depressing month.

The combination of poor weather, short daylight hours, people’s level of debt, the distance from Christmas and generally poorer motivational levels, all contribute to making the first month feel the most miserable.

Yet if we can lift our gaze, January is a season of promise. While the winter rains come in and frosts abound, the earth is waiting to spring back to life. Daffodil bulbs start to poke through the soil, buds start forming on trees and eventually snowdrops will burst forth.

Without the waiting time as plants regain their strength, the burst of energy we see in spring wouldn’t happen. The natural order needs months like January.

Perhaps we too need to heed the season. All life on earth was created with a need to balance work and rest. After the frenetic Christmas season, the long evenings and poorer weather needn’t be seen as a time of restriction, but a time to recharge our batteries. So let’s embrace January and expectantly await the unfolding year.


Vicar, St Mark’s Church, North Heath Lane,