LETTER: Lengthy queues will get worse

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Your letters

On the bank holiday and at the weekend the queues at Horsham recycling centre at Hop Oast were huge. I waited an hour and a half and when I finally got to where I needed to put the recycling they had to close the gate as bin was full.

As they had a slow machine that had to squash everything and couldn’t keep up with the amount of waste. The staff were extremely helpful and tried their best.

I have just found out that there are another 5,000 houses going up, which is in addition to the amount that are being built near the recycling centre at the moment.

My question is, is there a bigger recycling centre being built to cater for the additional houses? If not I don’t fancy being in the queues that will cause! I have been told I can use the Billingshurst site but why should I when I live at Horsham.

Do you have any ideas? Are the council doing anything about this?


Rusper Road, Rusper