LETTER: Legacy will remain for years to come

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Your letters

The valedictory praise which Cllr Helena Croft heaped upon herself in last week’s County Times rang rather hollow. Though her lamentable reign as cabinet member for Horsham town mercifully ends in May her legacy will remain for years to come.

She was probably the one Horsham town councillor with the necessary influence to have halted the misguided plans for 2,500 homes in North Horsham. But instead she voted in favour.

She has also masterminded the West Street ‘facelift’. It surely takes a special skill to spend half a million pounds of taxpayers’ money only to leave West Street looking more tacky and forlorn than before.

The town will have to live with the mess she has created for at least the next 25 years.


Old Denne Gardens, Horsham