LETTER: Leadership must change at HDC

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Your letters

I write this letter for all the Conservative voters in the Horsham District.

Do you realise what damage you do in not vetting your candidates correctly?

Did you know that Philip Circus, Ray Dawe, Claire Vickers, Helena Croft and the rest of the spineless councillors are taking you all for a ride?

They do not care about your community or you as a voter, all they care about is their own big fat ego.

They rule by dictatorship, gagging orders (so-called three-line whip), they hold meetings behind closed doors, pretend to hold public meetings by vetting questions and then make up the answers to suit.

Philip Circus demands respect from members of the public, but when they exercise their right to question councillors they are told the police will be called.

He also demands respect from the leader of the Lib Dems because she had the audacity to still be standing when he stood up - how pompous.

Mr Circus, you have to earn respect, you and your party deserve none. I exclude peter Burgess (even though he protected his own backside the over Christian Mitchell debacle, saying he did not want to be drummed out of the Brownies), Andrew Baldwin (he was made to make a grovelling apology over comments regarding staff changes at the council but is against North Horsham development) and the lovely Liz Kitchen.

I now call on the rest of the councillors from the other parties to come together, and the three members I excluded from the spine problem within the Conservatives, to bring down the dictators with a vote of no confidence.

The dictators would not be out place in countries like North Korea, China or Russia. I suppose we who challenge would have been put in front of a firing squad by now.

The County Times Comment on page 32, issue 6-3-14, says it all. The voters of all parties now have the opportunity in 2015 to also be heard. Take this opportunity to come out in force and declare these people null and void.

Christian Mitchell, well done to you for standing up for your electorate and being very honest and standing by your principles. A lesson can be learnt from this by many of your back stabbing, not so pleasant colleagues.

With the allegation that bogus letters have been put on the HDC website in favour of the North Horsham development, having meetings behind closed doors and not facing the public in a proper meeting hall, really shows how desperate the dictators are to have this development pushed through.

Now they have shown who they really are, controlling and bungling. There are other options for North Horsham so let the people of Horsham decide in a referendum, that’s called democracy. A word used by the dictators but never carried out.

I believe in people power, it has worked in many other places, so let’s come together and bring democracy to Horsham once more.

While we are at it, the indoor bowls club at Broadbridge Heath has also been sold down the river. It is not included in the new proposal, it is claimed that there are not enough members to keep it going.

There are 400-plus bowlers that gather for a social get-together, food and drink. The badminton club only has 200 members but gets precedence.

How is that one worked out? Is it whose face fits?

I congratulate the Editor in Chief on his stand against the council by withdrawing from the Chairman’s Trust.

Full name and address supplied

Editor’s note: in a rare departure from our usual protocol, and in light of the writer’s circumstances, the County Times has agreed to publish this letter without giving the correspondent’s name and address.