LETTER: Leader’s views on cabinet system?

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Your letters

Referring to Neil Jones’ recent letter in the County Times, regarding Cllr Circus’ withdrawal of his proposal to have the Cabinet System reviewed against the Committee based system. That withdrawal came as a surprise.

The option to return to the committee system was allowed under so-called ‘Localism’ and it is still unclear i) why the option only recently came to his attention and ii) why no other Tories raised a similar question.

It is notable that no Cabinet Member supported him, but that might have something to do with the allowance that goes with the position.

Clearly the Committee system allows the full range of councillor expertise to be applied, when policies are being formulated and that there is greater transparency.

The Cabinet system may be convenient in rushing policies through, but does it lead to better decisions? Would it not be too much to expect the Leader to explain what he thinks in his weekly column. After all, this is meant to be a democracy.


Chairman, UKIP Horsham Branch, Crawley Road, Horsham