LETTER: Kingsfold plan not submitted

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Your letters

I note in Andrew Mitchell’s letter in last week’s WSCT (2 October) that he questions why a plan for up to 10,000 more houses at Warnham and Kingsfold has not been discussed by the council, in public, over the last 18 months.

The answer is quite simple. A plan has not been submitted to the council.

Rather, Maddox and Associates have submitted a response to the Horsham District Planning Framework in which they state they have an alternative scheme to Liberty Trust’s proposals. They have put this forward for the Inspector’s consideration as part of his Examination of the council’s plan.

No formal submission of this site was made to the council whilst alternative sites were being debated and consulted upon.

If the independent Inspector, Geoff Salter, who is examining the Horsham District Planning Framework, recommends that this site should be included in the plan, he will instruct us to undertake a separate consultation.

If this were to happen then the public would be consulted on their proposal at that stage.


(Con, Southwater) Cabinet Member for Living and Working Communities, Horsham District Council, North Street, Horsham