Letter: Keeping up Horsham’s community spirit

Horsham town centre
Horsham town centre

What with the Piries Place redevelopment and all the other changes in Horsham, residents wonder whether they can keep pace.

It is an important fact that change can adversely affect the circumstances of people with disabilities.

A good example of this was reported concerning mobility scooters at the new Post Office in Horsham; this could be regarded as a predictable problem for 21st century shopping malls, rather than being specific to one outlet.

Surely, it is most fundamentally a question of human relations and community values.

The very idea of a ‘ban’, for the afflicted mobility scooter operator, at our post office could also be regarded as a semantic problem.

Given that Horsham community is ‘going places’, we should retain some of the older sensibilities that have been characteristic of Horsham.

I for one, would like to retain/revive the Sunday convention of saying, ‘Good morning’, to passers-by on one’s morning constitutional; this would be good for the Horsham community spirit.

Dr John Vincent

Park Way, Horsham