LETTER: Keep this great football club going

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Your letters

Firstly I make no apology for you receiving yet another letter expressing utter disappointment and dismay at some of the councillors’ decision to refuse the planning permission for a Horsham FC Ground.

Did those councillors that voted against this never have hopes and dreams as a child, and if given the opportunity to realise them in whatever way with facilities available to them that maybe someday they may achieve them?

My youngest son has played for HorshamFC since he was 13 and has enjoyed the high standard of football throughout the youth system and was really hoping that by the time he came to finish youth football that we would have secured a home ground so that it would enable HorshamFC to have a Ryman League Under 21s side.

Two years ago we had a majority of our under 16s players representing Sussex and they were all really proud that they played for HorshamFC.

Without our own ground this now means that we have lost really talented players from the youth system to other clubs which are not local and they are not playing at such a high level of football as the Ryman League.

My grandsons play for Royal United in Southwater and I know of many more clubs in our own area that would use and benefit hugely from the vast facilities that the new ground would offer without the constant headache of ‘weather permitting’ for training, and matches being cancelled due to pitches not being playable.

When eventually we do have our own ground and WE WILL it will sadly be too late for my son. Unfortunately there is no way now that he will be able to realise his ambition of playing for a Horsham Under 21s Team.

I urge all parents of all our aspiring youth footballers to write in protest to our district council or your local councillors for dismissing this application and putting a stop to enabling Horsham to have an excellent venue for all to benefit and hopefully realise some of these young players dreams!

Finally I am fully aware that at the moment HorshamFC 1st Team is not sitting very pretty in the Ryman League but WE WILL NOT GIVE UP, there are so many people that volunteer week in and week out to keep this great football club going.

SO COME ON HDC give HorshamFC’s present and players of the future, our ever loyal supporters and fans something to smile about.


Meyers Wood, Partridge Green