LETTER: Keep our young fit and active

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Your letters

I am writing in support of plans to ensure the continued provision of indoor athletics facilities at Broadbridge Heath.

We live in Storrington and already have to travel 25 minutes to get to Broadbridge Heath for my daughter to attend athletics training.

Travelling to K2 in Crawley on a weekly basis is just not feasible with three children to think of and will discourage many children and parents from trying out athletics.

It is so important to give children a chance from a young age to discover that they enjoy athletics and to provide the facilities and encouragement for them.

Without stumbling across Broadbridge Heath and Horsham Blue Stars my daughter never would have discovered her enjoyment and talent for athletics.

In this day and age, where we have recognised the need to keep our young people fit and active, how can we possibly justify taking away this facility?


Hurston Lane, Storrington