Letter: Keep Horsham greenbelt

IN RESPONSE to your request for opinions regarding the massive expansion of Horsham beyond the bypass, here are mine.

I moved to Horsham in 1994 and live in the Lemmington Way area in what, no doubt, at the time was a massive expansion of Horsham.

I realise that my views could be seen a hypocritical.

However, when the 1990s expansion was planned the council designated the northern extents of the town to be contained to the south of the A264.

This proposed development and especially the relocation of the Littlehaven railway station will, if allowed to happen, let the genie out of the bottle.

From what I can gather the expansion will be restrained possibly by the ancient woodland to the north but this development already erodes the council’s own policy of a conservation strip north of the A264.

If this development goes ahead the pressure to continue to expand further and further around the new station will be impossible to contain, leading to a ribbon development all the way to Crawley and no doubt the eventual erosion of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty to the south of the A264.

David Cameron, when questioned on Countryfile on Sunday, said that the Government’s new localism agenda and presumption to development did not mean that there would be massive developments in the greenbelt but from the evidence before us this is bunkum.

No doubt the large financial vested interests represented by this US firm of developers will over-ride any local opinion, but I for one am totally against this proposal.

It is ironic that as you go towards Rusper Road from the A264 roundabout there is a sign, which the council no doubt erected saying, ‘PROTECT THIS RURAL AREA’.

I hope that our councillors can do the right thing and obey their own instructions to keep the greenbelt for future generations, but that probably is wishful thinking.


Nymans Close, Horsham