LETTER: Is monitoring a ‘normal’ action?

Your letters
Your letters

Reading your piece about Cllr Helena Croft’s (Roffey North) actions concerning letters to your paper by Jonathan Dancer (18.12.14, p4) I found Mr Crowley’s comments to your paper unbelievable.

He appears to say that Cllr Croft’s actions were a normal part of Cllr Croft’s work as lead for the communication team.

If it was ‘normal’ we should be told how many other people who write letters to your paper are subject to this form of monitoring.

The police state analogy again comes to mind. Think of all the files the Stasi kept on ordinary members of the public – perhaps Mr Crowley should let any concerned letter writer have access to his/her files in HDC headquarters.

Why is Mr Crowley defending Cllr Croft’s actions? Would it not have been much wiser for the chief executive of the council to distance himself from her actions – putting a whole 800 acres of green field between them.

He says Cllr Croft is ‘currently’ the cabinet member for communications. Well we all know that but is he intimating that she may not be for much longer?

We all hope so.


Havengate, Horsham