LETTER: Is disruption going to be worth it?

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Your letters

I gather HDC in its wisdom has decided to ‘tart up’ at some vast unnecessary expense, the paving along West Street, Horsham.

The noise, especially for those poor souls who work along that street is horrendous. Pneumatic drills on the go for long lengths of time are terribly invasive, distracting and head splitting.

How long is this work going to take and who decided it was necessary? We have enough to cope with around Horsham at present with all the gas works which we know are necessary but still cause an inconvenience to those affected.

I do hope that when these alterations are complete that it is not going to cause the same farcical situation as the Forum where repairs to steps and surfaces crop up periodically.

To be fair, the Forum was obviously not constructed properly in the first place, in particular the steps leading to the car park.

So please let us all hear about the supposed benefits that these changes are going to make. Is the noise and obstruction going to be worth it in the long term?

What do others think as I cannot be the the only objector?


Ghyll Crescent, Horsham