LETTER: Irrelevance of viewpoints

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Your letters

While Horsham faces many decisions crucial to the future of the area, your whole page of December 12, headed Political Viewpoint, was wondrously irrelevant.

Ray Dawe, our Conservative Horsham District Council leader, writes about Scottish independence. How many readers stuck with that to the end?

And the ‘MP’s Comment’ section had Francis Maude giving a rather tired party political piece, straight from Conservative Central Office, headed, ‘Coping with the legacy of reckless Labour’.

As I understood it the terms on which your paper has offered the local MP his own weekly column was for him to comment on local affairs.

Since his failure to deliver anything on his much vaunted support for a new local hospital, conveniently blamed on the waywardness of local GPs, he seems to have gone quiet on all the key local issues.

Perhaps you should invite him to write about where he stands on the A264 ‘Crawsham’ expansion debate - which side of his divided party does he support?

Or about West Sussex County Council’s Conservative majority for a second runway at Gatwick, conveniently well away from most of their constituencies?

It would be unkind to think that he continues to sit on the fence on so many of our local problems for fear of endangering his majority in the 2015 election.

So, if he must write on matters national, how about a detailed account of how his flagship manifesto promise and Cabinet role in abolishing the hundreds of ‘ Quangos’ is going?


Smithbarn, Horsham