LETTER: Invest wisely for wellbeing bonus

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My wife got her annual pension statement yesterday.

Her projected pension aged 60 will be just £10 a month! This is because she hasn’t paid any contributions into this pension since she stopped working full-time over ten years ago. I believe that what is true for the pension – you put little in, you get little out – can also be true in life.

Some people’s lives are spent helping others, through charity work, volunteering, or in a caring role, and such people often say they get great satisfaction, indeed ‘get more back’ from what they do, than they ever give.

We don’t give in order to receive, but I do believe we find that the more time and energy we invest in others, sharing our lives, the richer and more fulfilled our lives actually become.

So let’s make the most of the opportunities we have to experience more of life, by investing wisely in relationships with others, so we’ll not only bring much happiness, but may even, in time, receive a bonus of well-being ourselves too!


St Mark’s Church, North Heath Lane, Horsham