LETTER: Interpretations of councillor’s role

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Further to Harry Shutt’s letter (20.3.14) about Cllr Helena Croft’s role as a Roffey North councillor and her role as a pastor in the Kingdom Faith Church, I recently went on Kingdom Faith’s website and listened to Clive Urquhart who is

a Senior Pastor there. The recording was posted on 15 January 2014 (www.kingdomfaith.com/watchandlisten/Episode-3448-Clive-Urquhart-Vision-Night-2014.aspx).

Your reporter Theo Cronin interviewed Mrs Croft when she was appointed as Deputy Leader to Ray Dawe at Horsham District Council under the headline: ‘Preacher turned Politician’ (1.5.13). Theo Cronin probed ways her faith and Kingdom Faith influenced her political journey.

Mrs Croft responded, ‘I wouldn’t link it specifically to Kingdom Faith, I don’t speak on behalf of Kingdom Faith.’

Now that is an interesting statement because Clive Urquhart said in this ‘Vision Night 2014’ speech (link above) ‘Helena… God is doing stuff with her… she goes into that environment’ [ i.e. Horsham District Council ] ‘not in her own name but she goes in as Kingdom Faith.’

Perhaps Cllr Croft could explain the clearly different interpretations of her role as seen by a Senior Pastor at Kingdom Faith and her own version to Theo Cronin.

Is Cllr Croft there primarily to look after the Kingdom Faith interest in Horsham district or is she there primarily to look after her constituents many of whom feel she does not represent them over Ray Dawe and Claire Vickers’ plans to develop the land north of the A264 for strategic housing and commercial/industrial use?


Havengate, Horsham