LETTER: Intelligent debate to be welcomed

Your letters
Your letters

I was reluctant to write for fear of being put in the polarised box of anti-development, as the tone of the letter that has inspired me to write was very much of the tone you are either for or against the new greenfields development- and if you are for you have essentially sold your soul to the devil and written off any chance of growing the equity in your property for the infinite future.

However, I was grateful to have the issue of the development highlighted to me.

Whilst the letter scaremongers saying I will soon be in ‘a close proximity to a vast industrial wasteland’, my concern is not for my property value, but that the services in Horsham are very overstretched. I would welcome an intelligent debate on the issue, and be interested to hear a more balanced view on what the proposals are and how the council will support a new development in terms of local services.

We need new developments and housing, but all plans need to be carefully considered and valid objections met with solutions. I am saddened that we can’t get more involved in our own community without flyposting angry one-sided propaganda, but look forward to the movement, becoming more inclusive and solution seeking so that we all might come to a compromise that builds Horsham for the future without taking away from the present.

Kim Godfrey

Northdown Close, Horsham