LETTER: Inspector needs to be made aware

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Cllr Helena Croft (Roffey North) said at the meeting of the General Practitioners on 20 April 2013: ‘One of the advantages of the North Horsham project is its deliverability. It will be very difficult to deliver this, politically, without the provision of a hospital.’

After that meeting, Cllr Rae (Holbrook East) wrote on Facebook: ‘The West Sussex County Times asked whether the possible provision of a new hospital within the proposed North Horsham development was ‘a bribe’, of course it was’.

He said the failure of the hospital plan is ‘Very bad news for Horsham District as the hopes and aspirations of a decade have been dealt the cruel blow by our residents’ own doctors, not the politicians.

However, as the GPs have apparently killed any hope of that ‘bribe’ materialising it is possibly a massive relief for the residents of North Horsham.’

Cllr Rae concluded by saying: ‘Without a full NHS funded A&E receiving hospital I cannot see how such a huge development (4,500 houses) can be justified - can you?’

So both Cllr Rae (Facebook, 1 May 2014) and Cllr Croft (in her Tory propaganda flier ironically called ‘In Touch’ put out before the 30 April vote on the Preferred Strategy) are clearly wrong when they say that these decisions have been out of their hands since 2009.

Resident must use the remaining weeks to write to HDC to oppose the flawed housing plan and the process used by the Gang of Four, councillors Dawe, Croft, Vickers and Rae.

These comments won’t go to HDC for evaluation but will be sent to the government Inspector directly – he needs to be told about what’s been going on at HDC under Cllrs Dawe and Croft. There is a new website which is being set up to help residents make their views known to the inspector - www.futurehorsham.info


Searles View, Horsham