LETTER: Incredible work of school teachers

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Your letters

Starting school! This has to be one of the biggest events of our childhood. I can still remember my very first day. Our family, like many others, have had children preparing recently for this big event.

I think that teachers and those that work educating our children do an incredible job. My wife taught for several years and I saw the work and dedication that was expected. Often the work of teachers, teaching assistants and others that work in schools aren’t recognized. They all do an amazing work, often under difficult conditions.

As a church we pray regularly for the schools as well as local authorities such as the police and council. The bible tells us to pray for those in positions of authority and we know that it makes a difference.

My prayer for every child and young person at the beginning of the new school year is for strength as they face each new challenge. I also pray for the teachers and those working in schools that they will find strength and fulfillment in the work they do.

Steve Fishpool

Pastor Christian Life Centre, East Street, Horsham