LETTER: Incredible impact for us in Sussex

Leading business figures including Sir Richard Branson and Martin Sorrell have stressed the overwhelming economic benefits of EU membership.

Now the European Parliament has just given the go-ahead to a comprehensive EU-US trade agreement, worth up to £10 billion a year to the British economy or nearly £400 per household, the economic case is getting even stronger.

With the UK taking the lead, there is enough momentum on both sides of the Atlantic to see this deal agreed and it would have an incredible impact here in Sussex.

However, at a time when our biggest priority should be creating jobs and getting our economy back on track, the Tories seem to be more concerned with appeasing the anti-EU wing of their party and countering the threat from UKIP.

I now want to focus on creating jobs, getting the economy moving again and putting more money into people’s pockets, not on endless navel-gazing about our relationship with Europe.


Prospective Liberal Democrat MEP for South East England, Clays Hill, Bramber