Letter: Inclusive approach

SUSAN Nicel (letters February 9) appears to be exercised as much by the fact that her parish, Sullington, has not been included in population statistics cited in connection with a much larger Waitrose in Storrington village as by the inevitability of additional HGV and other delivery vehicles using the road on which she lives.

Mrs Nicel agrees that traffic problems have beset Storrington and Sullington for some time but fails to acknowledge that any increase will inevitably make matters - and air quality - worse unless radical measures are adopted and that Storrington village will suffer the consequences.

Whereas she appears to have given up hope of any amelioration in the problems she mentions, Save our Storrington hopes to influence the decision makers to prioritise these issues for the good of the community, prompted by the prospect of radical change within the village itself.

Although it is completely understandable that Mrs Nicel might prefer her supermarket of choice to stock a wider range than it is currently able to offer, she appears to ignore the fact that many people, despite fuel costs, do and will travel elsewhere to shop, some by bus.

I can vouch for this following my talks to many residents with arguably less disposable income, many of whom signed the Save our Storrington petition - once only, so far as I was able to ascertain.

Would Waitrose withdraw from Storrington and Sullington if their plans are thwarted?

Well, despite Mark Dawkins’s suggestion that they could (at the parish council meeting of September 20, 2011) the CEO of John Lewis Partnership, Mark Price, stated in a letter to a Save our Storrington member that they had no intention of doing so.

This perhaps demonstrates the lucrative market that Waitrose has tapped. Of course they want to maximise potential.

What the dissenting voices are asking is that there is a more inclusive and imaginative approach to designing an extended version of the store, not an off-the-shelf town-sized plan.

Finally, I cannot subscribe to any view that sounds an alarm that instead of Waitrose and its altruism we could end up with something much worse. We expect our elected representatives to ensure that this doesn’t happen and if they don’t, we shall object.


Browns Lane, Storrington